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09:12 pm:  Andrew put in the 1982 Nicholas Nickleby. I think we're nearly through disc 2, and it should keep us entertained for a couple more days. It's only my second time watching it. The first time I didn't recognize Newman Noggs as Lord Peter Wimsey (thanks, sovay), and this time out we kept spotting Christopher Ravenscroft as various characters, and realized that bluff Yorkshire farmer John Browdie and slimy Sir Mulberry Hawke are both Bob "Clever girl!" Peck.

I decided to see what Petherbridge as been up to, and was worried to see that he had two strokes a while back while rehearsing Lear, but he seems to have recovered enough to write and act a play about the experience (in part so he had an excuse to do at least some of Lear onstage anyway) and he has a regular blog in which he also shows off his painting skills.

ETA -- I tried to fix the links above but I'm not sure why they don't work.

Petherbridge's blog is here: http://pethsstagingpost.com/blog/

sovay's post on NN is here:  http://sovay.livejournal.com/296061.html



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Date:January 20th, 2017 06:22 am (UTC)

The Dickens you say!

I saw the Toronto production whenever the Mirvishes last put it on. It was great! I think, partially because of this, it's my favourite Dickens.
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