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11:01 am: Not Usually a Sign Guy But Jeez
 I didn't make it to any marches yesterday -- didn't want to drag Andrew downtown or leave him alone at home for more than two hours -- but I consoled myself with having made and donated a hat. [personal profile] swan_tower and [personal profile] sovay have posted descriptions of of the marches they attended in San Francisco and Boston.

I am glad to hear most marches were much better-attended than even the planner had anticipated. Several people have commented that it was a relief to realize they were not alone.

Sir Ian McKellen attended the London march holding a sign which was just the "Captain Picard Facepalm" meme (according to him he didn't even bring the sign himself, he got it from someone along the way): http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2017/01/21/ian-mckellen-meme-womens-march-facepalm_n_14310188.html

ETA -- [personal profile] dewline has posted a link to pictures of the Ottawa march.

further ETA -- dewline has taken the link down, in case he accidentally gets any of the marchers in trouble.


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Date:January 24th, 2017 04:49 am (UTC)


Too bad you feel that you can't leave Andrew alone to go out and March. I've been at events though where people who couldn't make it in the flesh were there as disembodied heads on laptops via Skype. Sort of like Dr. Theopolis being carried around by Twiki on Buck Rogers.

Best Buy has a Pet Owner Telepresence rig now that takes it even further. You have four screens on the vertical faces of a cube and four little cameras to broadcast each side of your head to the cube. There's a remote controlled camera and laser pointer plus two-way audio. The idea is to pop up on the coffee table now and then to play with Fuffy while you're out of town. I don't think most pets would be interested though unless you could also get Twiki to carry you around and act as your hands.
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