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02:57 pm: Protest is the New Brunch
 CCCC came out to protest the anti-Islamophobia motion again, so Andrew and I went downtown for the counter-protest. The weather was less horrid than last time, but the crowd was smaller and more tense, with a lot of police between them and us. Meanwhile, the St. Patrick's Day parade moved along the other side of Nathan Phillips Square. 

We mostly chanted "No hate, No fear, Refugees are welcome here," and "Nazi Scum off our streets." Andrew didn't join in on the latter -- he still feels uncomfortable calling people nazis, even if, as I noted, the CCCC group contained the unusual combination of the JDL and the Soldiers of Odin; perhaps he felt "nazi" was too simple to describe that mix. I didn't argue with him. The remainder of the group looked like everyone I've ever seen browbeat a cashier with demands to speak to the manager, and that scared me more -- when we took a break for lunch, I kept glancing around the Eaton's Centre, wondering whether any of the people nearby had come from the rally, and whether anyone would recognize me and scream traitor! in the middle of the food court.

Shortly after we got back to the square, CCCC moved on, planning, I was told, to march down to Front Street. The police continued to escort them as they yelled about how we were threatening their freedom of speech. Andrew was tired, so we got on the subway and I didn't see whether they collided with the St. Patrick's Day Parade.



Date:March 20th, 2017 07:19 am (UTC)
Thank you for being there.
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Date:March 26th, 2017 03:35 am (UTC)

JDC & Odin?! CCCC?

CCCC? Cosmic Coincidence Control Center (The infamous noise band from Japan)? The Canadian Council of Christian Charities? The Congregational Christian Churchs in Canada?

I'd go with the first as Performance Art is the only way I can see any Neo-Nazi, Neo-Viking Pagans being on the same block with the JDL without a fight breaking out.

When I was doing anti-Cult work we used to ask apostates who used to scare them the most when they were in whatever cult they were in: FBI? CIA? Their parents?

Just about everyone said 'The JDL'. I suppose being part of an ethnic group/religion that has mass extermination programs run against it every few centuries can make you cranky like that. Also the only statistically significant demographic indicator for getting sucked into a multiple perpetrator, serially abusive group is 'Jewish': with 'Mormon' coming in a distant second.
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