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08:52 pm: Hyper-local news
 I made it through two job-screening interviews by telephone today, and have a face-to-face interview tomorrow for one of the jobs. I think I need to up my mess, though -- I was shaky and exhausted afterwards. Andrew's been under a lot of stress lately; everyone's been under a lot of stress lately, and I guess it's finally hitting me.

Applied for a side gig making up knitting samples; hope the kit for the test project arrives soon so I can at least work on something. Heard that Glad Day bookstore is starting a Monday-night knitting circle and I might take work to that.

Someone on Facebook last week asked about borrowing clothes for a play and I photographed and offered a few. They seemed interested, but I haven't heard further. Trying to decide whether or not to alter the garments in the meantime to look more 1940s in case they come back to me at the last moment with a yes.

Question -- I've been interested for a few years in 1940s headscarves, but I don't know if I can wear one in public with out looking like I'm ripping off Black style or Muslim headgear. Thoughts?

Going to another demo on Saturday.


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Date:April 1st, 2017 03:55 am (UTC)

Monkey Paw News

Great news about the job progress! Hope that today's interview went OK.

Sorry to hear that you're feeling stressed out. As you say, there seems to be a lot of it going about. I had a brainwave last week that wasted several days started by nothing in particular except maybe a really bad nightmare that I had about Trump mixing up his Tweet and Terminate buttons and launching Nuclear Armageddon. I was over at Little Dee's place this afternoon for dinner and she says that she also had a terrible dream this morning and practically woke up screaming. She dreamt that she was stuffing Baby Cat into some sort of sausage maker to make me dinner.

(Needless to say I verified that the Baby Cat lounging on the sofa was neither a projection nor an LMD before digging into the chow!)

Maybe it's the changing weather.

Hope you're feeling better and that going to the Demo is a restorative change from the daily grind. Wish I could go but I need to bare down on my money; grubbing activities this weekend and my next dollop of Transit has to be on Wednesday for yet another denture adjustment.
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